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Existing Customers With Vouchers

Welcome to our customer service page. As an existing customer, please register when you wish to use the service for the first time. From then on you will be able to log in at any time and book onto a flight date, use our standby text/SMS service, check your voucher expiry date, view your flight history, extend your voucher, add items if not already purchased such as in-flight photographs, add or change passengers and check passenger details are current. Sometimes we create additional flights with just a few days notice when we have advice of good weather. In this case, passengers who have chosen to be on our "standby" text/SMS service will receive notification of last minute flights which suit their voucher type.


During our main season from April to October we schedule balloon flights as passenger demand requires with flight dates available for booking generally up to 30 days in advance.


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New Customers


If you DO NOT have a British School of Ballooning Voucher but would like to browse our flight availability before purchase, just select the location that you wish to fly from and the number of passenger spaces you require. You will then see our currently available flight dates.

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