Privacy policy
The following is a description of our policy in terms of how we handle the data we collect about you on this website. We will not collect any information about you until we have clearly asked for it.
We encourage you to read through our Privacy Policy. If you require any clarifications, feel free to call us on 01428 707307.
What you’re agreeing to
  • As such you agree that the information you do provide to us will be accurate, true and complete in every way necessary.
  • Should any changes be made to that information, you agree to notify us immediately. We will only use the most recently submitted information and will not be liable to you if an error were to occur as a result of your failure to update the necessary information.

What standards of protection we uphold and who we are
  • We take your personal information very seriously and comply with the Data Protection Acts of 1984 and 1998.
  • Our Privacy Policy only applies to Company Name and its subsidiaries. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that it applies to websites we might have linked to, though we do try to make sure we only link to sites that wouldn’t compromise your privacy.
When we take your information and what we do with it
  • We will only collect information from you that is necessary to providing you the services you voluntarily signed up for. In the process of providing you this service we may share this information with other companies but your personal information will always remain under our complete control. It is also possible that this information might sometimes be processed outside the European Union.
  • Once you register with us as a client we will also hold the information pertaining to all your transactions with us. If it is ever necessary we share this information with another party involved in fulfilling your transaction, we will do so, but only after receiving your approval to do so.
  • We will only divulge your personal information if instructed to do so by legal authorities or official orders.
  • We may send letters and emails to you if we feel they are of interest to you. If you ever wish to unsubscribe from these mails you can do so at any time.

How to view your personal information
  • To view your personal information or correct it you can write to us at Company Address. We might charge you a fee for viewing your personal information.
  • If you ever want to delete this data, revoke your consent to our use of it or even amend it please do so by sending a letter to the above address. 

Cookies Policy
What are cookies?

Our website, like the majority of websites, uses cookies. Cookies are harmless little files that your web browser accepts and stores on your computer whenever you’re browsing the site.
We use cookies for several reasons.
  • Cookies help us ‘remember’ you, so that every time you use our site, your experience is a little bit smoother. Don’t worry, we don’t store any personally identifiable information that we haven’t plainly asked you for.
  • Cookies make sure we don’t treat you like every other user. We understand your interests, suggest the right things to you and ensure that your time on your site is always tailored to your specific needs. If it weren’t for cookies we’d have to treat you and every other user like you’d never been on the site before.
  • Cookies help us see the way our users use this site. By studying these patterns we know how to make the content more user friendly, and if need be, how to prevent any potential fraudulent activity.
By continuing to use our site, you’re agreeing to let us place them on your hard drive now so we can access them the next time you’re on the site.
Cookies we use

Cookies to measure web usage

Cookies we use when we’re trying to understand how many people visit our site, which pages are popular and which pages are not. These cookies help us make sure your experience of the site only gets better.

Cookies from social networks

In order to make sure you can use your social networks without interruption when you’re on our site we allow them to send cookies. We can’t see what their cookies read and they can’t see what our cookies read. We only allow them so that they can understand the way you use their sites, in the same way we use our cookies to understand how you use our site.

Cookies for ads

A big part of advertising online is understanding which ads work and which ads don’t. It’s also important to make sure that people are getting ads that suit their interests. In order to do so, ad hosts need to use cookies to monitor how users are responding to ads.

Cookies for signing in

We use cookies to remember details about you we don’t think you should have to type out every time. These are the cookies that make sure the website remembers things like your user ID.

Cookies for content

When we use content from other sites, they use cookies to understand how you’re consuming their content and what content they should suggest to you.
How to delete cookies

If you want to restrict or block the cookies we use you can do so by deleting the temporary internet files and/or cookies from the settings in your browser.
If you want to delete the cookies from a browser on a mobile device you should check your device manual.
Learn More

To find out more about cookies and the laws surrounding the use of cookies visit
To find out more about our security and privacy measures, you can view our Terms Page
To learn more about our privacy policy and use of cookies, feel free to send a mail to [email protected]
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